EA time-series XML Analyser
Screen shot of the TSX Analyser

Ok, this is a bit of a niche thing to post up onto my website…but if you are interested in XML time-series data, you may be interested to use this handy tool.

Download the TSX_Analyser (here) Рnotice that this is a macro-enabled, Excel workbook. It has been used extensively for the last 10 years so it should be safe. However, please note that I can offer no liability for any loss or damage from its use.

The nattily titled “EA time-series data exchange format” is something I helped to design in 2006. It is the data standard that we use to exchange river levels, flows, rainfall totals, groundwater levels, etc… between our telemetry systems, hydrometric archive, various hydrological models, and with some of our key customers.

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