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A new album brewing  7 July 2018

Just back from a fun afternoon, playing at the Enchanted Market. It was nice to play an acoustic set. I have many happy memories of being on that scene as a solo performer…but it’s so much better with the band! Anyway, as I mentioned to the audience, these are exciting times for us. Last weekend …

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Always the falling kind  24 February 2018

This is us playing Always the falling kind on the 8th December 2017, when we supported Spriggan Mist at their album launch. Big thanks to David Sage for filming us and producing the video…it’s very cool!

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icon An exciting start to 2018  28 December 2017

This is going to be a fun month for the band. We start the year with a gig at the Fisherman’s Cottage (next to Blakes Lock). This is a great pub to play…and the beers are rather lovely. And then it’s heads-down to get ready for our first trip to the recording studio – Exciting …

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Poster Avian supporting Spriggan Mist  8 December 2017

We’re very excited to be supporting Spriggan Mist on Friday 8th December.¬† It’s been fun crafting this latest set of songs…hoping that everyone enjoys listening and has a cracking evening, and we’re looking forward to making new friends. —- Spriggan Mist playing tonight… Well that was really cool. What a fab evening! Amazing show from …

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picture EA time-series XML Analyser  16 November 2017

Ok, this is a bit of a niche thing to post up onto my website…but if you are interested in XML time-series data, you may be interested to use this handy tool. Download the TSX_Analyser¬†(here)¬†– notice that this is a macro-enabled, Excel workbook. It has been used extensively for the last 10 years so it …

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